This is… Not quite madness… No… Not yet. But soon!

Folks, this felt like the appropriate format to run our game at a faster pace. Haven’t started it officially and reading up and setting up my basic infos of the campaign made me realized I am set to start it up and very soon. All depends on you, the players when ya wanna start. Like to coordinate a game time of Saturdays but we shall see. You can contact me through AIM/SKYPE/YIM as well as my phone. Let me know what you think cause I wanna kick some imperialist ass.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.
Will update ‘our’ wiki page(s) atleast once a week, perferably twice a week. Once before game play, then again after game play. I will also incorporate a small history log once we start off on the path as well as character bios, so we all have a basic repertoire of each character and even a “GM’s Eye” that give you a neat insight of what may happen in the future. Enjoy!

Maps don’t work. Apparently when the said one map only, they ment don’t delete you map cause you’ll lose your one free map. I will upgrade into a the highspeed account so if you all enjoy this style of info for our game, I will pay and get all our maps up which includes the progressing wolrd map.

AIM: Rockmanronin
YIM (Yahoo):
SKYPE: Dancing_Rock

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