Drink of the Dragu'uns Blood

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This part of the ‘Adventure Log’ will be for exactly whats its called as. Here you can get when we next will game, when we last gamed, as well as extra info such as when we officially started, stopped, played at whose place, and who brought food etc. That way we can keep it balanced, fail, as well as impartial so as to mitigate any possible confrontation of “Who owes moneis to the ‘I is hungry’ and we won’t need to donate a pint of blood to get it”.

Any suggestions that would help improve the asthetic as well as how to dissiminate this information, please contact your GM.

(2x a week updated)

Game Day: 19Mar2011
Well, first official game wasn’t all about blood spilling and taking down a billion Crit inmune plant monsters that have this weird drive to devour your steel… Hmm… Thats a thought. Anyway.

We played at my home, near the end of a house warming party and to be brutally honest: It went real well. To see grown ass men talking as a sand brandished ninja kid, and a city living mountain coot who has a grand need to divulge his very weapons to the said ninja kid. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, it also helped it being close to payday so they enjoyed the grilled food and assortment of beverages (that includes non-alcoholic folks). So all in all: They need to bring some stuff other than their dice, their own MD, and their own tails. That all will be discussed in MUCH greater detail on a later date.

Actual current player(s): 2
Soon to be new player(s): 2
Possible maybe player(s): 1

And that was just a week of goof talking about the game off hand too… And here I though recruiting folks was a B.

Next game day will be the 24th and/or the 25th. All pending on the multitude of outside influences. More on what happens irl this sunday :3

Thank you!!


Game Day: 25Mar2011

With an early day off work, and a 2 hour prep time to get everyone all set… Ended up pushing the game back about an hour tops. Which was my secondary period prior to phone calls but was all scuttled when our dust hat wearer came with a stack of pizza and an assortment of “fancy beere” and then had to wait a bit on me as I had to finish writing what I was writing about…


Hey! Only 1 of the beers was ‘fancy’. The rest were simple, classic pilsner.

Your Time Stamp Sire

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