General Basics

The Races (listed, but not limited too):
The Commons
-Humans, dwarfs, and Elfi’irens (look like elves >:C but not as pompous or arrogant)

The Mystic Commons
-Half lings, Gnomes, Tiefling, and Aasimar

The Uncharted Commons
-Plane Touched, Feral-Kin, Changelings, and Kobolds


The Classes:
Due to the significant advances in technology and Magei’i, even the most lowest caste member of society can learn to read/write and even blast a hole in a mountain troll the size of your fist with the best education in the lands that touch Albeatrothe (state ran but nonetheless the least complained about issue amongst anyone rich or poor simply cause its that good of a system). So finding those who not only know how to weave spells and thoughts of the farthest reaches of the mind maybe capable of performing great feats of strength and endurance. Just cause you met a fat looking cleric performing her usual daily tasks doesn’t mean she doesn’t pray to her deity/ies by running 10 miles a day around the local forests or along side the beach as the sun sets. Classes aren’t limited to simply mage and warrior as we advance ourselves into the great blue yonder. With each passing day, people from all over the globe travel near and far to make it to Mea’ndain to teach, hunt, live a new life, or simply spread the words of their deities. You never know who/what maybe willing or unwilling to lend their secrets of their craft.

Examples of your average adventurer can be (but not limited to):
Arcane Rouge, Assassin, Beast Master, Blade Caster, Dragon Disciple, Frenzied Beserker, Gunslinger, Martial Artist, Psyonic, Urban Ranger, Weapons Master and more.

But as the borders of the world advance and as the people’s wonder lust continues to grow, so will life’s pathway and highways.


Beginning Equipment: Since your character can’t have your packing list, here is one that suits the game. All equipment will have roughly the same items in your traveler’s ruck (unless you decide to choose for the alternate packing list), with a bonus low grade magic item will be given to each new character. The magic item will be made specifically for that one individual person and cannot be used by anyone else. You’ll also be given a bonus feat, on top of whatever racial bonuses you may have. Your choice of which of the two equipment brands you would rather lug around in world.

World Traveler’s Brand Gear:
1x Bonus Feat
1x ExLrg Ruck Sack
1x Bedroll w/ wool blanket
Flint and Steel
3x Waterskins
8x days of Trail Rations
1x Torch
2x 30 ft Rope
1x Job Specific Tool Kit
1x Class based Weapons(s)
1x Class based Side Arm Weapon
1x Class based Armour**
1x Adventuring Clothing***
1x Non-Adventuring Clothing***
5x days of Undergarments
1x Soap Sack with Soap
1x Bag of Holding*
1x Minor Wondrous Item*
5x Any item you may need*

Multi-Planes Walker Brand Gear,
Same as WT gear but with traded in substitutions:
1x Lrg Ruck Sack w/extension pockets
3x Torches*
1x 60 ft Rope
1x Masterwork ‘Client’ Tool Kit*
1x Magei’i Soap with metal container*

All in game monies will be rolled at 6 D8 x10 for the first day of Character’s adventuring.
If you would like to choose the alternate option “Vow of Just Discovered Poverty”,
you will receive an equally impressive bonus for not taking the money!!!

  • Talk to your GM *
    • All armour can be created from your story with a limited number of buffs at no extra cost, but once story has been ok’d all modifications of the armour will cost monies and people WILLING to mod your already crazy looking protective gear in game.**
      • No added armour bonus; just regular looking, smelling clothing***

General Basics

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